Characteristics Of Portsmouth NH Colonial Style Houses

Colonial is a popular style for single family properties. This design began in the 1800s and is therefore often found in older properties. It has specific characteristics that separate it from other property styles. Below are characteristics of Portsmouth NH colonial style houses.

Characteristics Of Portsmouth NH Colonial Style Houses

Colonial style properties are often single family structures with two complete levels and a square footprint. Both floors often have the same footprint. The layout is ordinarily symmetrical with the entry way in the center and windows on both sides of the doorway, although newer variations of the design may have the main entrance off to one side. The second level features the bedrooms and the main level contains the living room, dining room, kitchen, and possibly a family room. The entrance opens to a center hall with a stairway. A garage or exterior deck are also typical features of Colonial homes. Roof styles differ but will generally allow for an attic. Additions offer appealing twists to the rectangular shape of a traditional Colonial style houses.

Portsmouth NH Colonial Style Properties For Sale

Popularity of Colonial Style

Colonial houses are popular for several reasons. Many consider it optimal to have the bedrooms on a different floor from common living areas. There are also a variety of exterior designs and variations of Colonial style properties that are visually enticing. Farmers porches, columns, elaborate entrances, and grand foyers are just a few upgrades. You will find many Colonial homes for sale, specifically for modern residences. This completes our overview of characteristics of Portsmouth NH colonial style houses.

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