Portsmouth NH Tips on Listing Your Home For Sale

Do you really want to sell your home? A lot of people seem ambivalent about it when they list their house. They say, “If I can get $X, I’ll sell my house.” The approach needs to be, “What is the market willing to pay for my house and am I willing to sell it for that?” What you paid for your house and what you have invested in it has no bearing on what someone else is willing to pay for it now. Below are Portsmouth NH tips on Listing Your Home For Sale provided by John Wells at Wellsco Realty.

Portsmouth NH Tips on Listing Your Home For Sale

Listing your home involves understanding the market and what your home is worth – not what you paid for it or put into it. You need an educated, established Real Estate Agent to help sort through the information – not a computer generated spreadsheet.

Choose your Real Estate Agent wisely!

I show many homes every week in many towns. I travel around with buyers, understanding their reactions and their needs. I know that there is a great deal of subjectivity involved in how buyers look at homes. The “feel” of a home, its design, layout, the care and love a seller has bestowed on it, all affect the value in the eyes of a buyer.

You want to sell your home – not help get your Real Estate Agent Buyers.

Most Realtors use listings as a way to access a pool of buyers, and listings are therefore beneficial to them even if they are overpriced. I’m too busy to deal with listings that are not priced to sell, and don’t need to build my client base that way. That also means that I will want to represent your house accurately in its online description and pictures.

Represent your home accurately.

If you have looked at homes, you have certainly discovered that often pictures and narratives portray the house as better than it is once you see it. From the point of view of marketing your home, this makes no sense. We don’t want to bring people there who will then be disappointed by what they see. We don’t want to create any unnecessary foot traffic either – how many times do you want to vacate your home for showings to people who will not see what they are expecting to see? While this can work fine for a Realtor looking for buyers to show other homes to, it most definitely is not in your interest as the seller

Listing Your Home For Sale in Portsmouth NH

If you are listing your home to sell it – call me. I will provide you with accurate information so that we may price your home properly and we will represent your home to attract buyers for your home.

This blog with Portsmouth NH tips on Listing Your Home For Sale was prepared by John Wells, REALTOR at Wellsco Realty. Reach John at 800-856-2479 or johnwells201@comcast.net.

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